TULIP EMS (Environmental Monitoring System) prototype arrives!

TULIP and our partners at ARCS Group have been working for the past five months to develop the TULIP EMS - a uniquely Australian solution for low-cost distributed air quality, temperature and noise monitoring in urban settings. The first prototype has just arrived and the team is extremely excited to show a bit of a sneak peak at what we think is going to be something of a game changer for smart cities across the country.

The TULIP EMS is designed for outdoor use in demanding Australian environments and is the outcome of expertise from ARCS Group, who have been providing rugged technology solutions for a variety of Australian industrial uses for over 35 years. The device has been designed for commercial production and UTS is excited to be partnering with ARCS Group to provision the device for smart city projects around the country.

The EMS has LoRaWAN connectivity (AU915 or AS923 mHz) and onboard sensors for temperature, humidity, particulates, Carbon Monoxide, Nitrogen Dioxide, Ozone and noise. A GPS sensor also supports device management for scalable deployments. The integrated solar panel and battery are paired with a power-optimised system that will function for 24 hours in complete darkness and is designed for continuous operation for up to 7 years.

The EMS is about to enter a benchmarking process at the UTS faculty of Engineering and IT to precisely document its performance and provide clear metrics relating to data quality. The results of this work will be made publicly available. In further collaboration with Lake Macquarie City Council, we will be deploying the first ten prototypes in the coming months, with the first commercially available units expected in early 2019.

If you would like to know more or register your interest, please email andrew.tovey@uts.edu.au

The development of the TULIP EMS has been made possible, in part, by round 1 of the Australian Government's Smart Cities and Suburbs Program.

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