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Melrose Park: Climate Responsive Neighbourhoods Project
Building a Climate Responsive Neighbourh

Building a Climate Responsive Neighbourhood: A report on low-cost environmental monitoring at Melrose Park


An in-depth report on four data use cases at the Melrose Park development in the City of Parramatta. Includes details of study design, insights and future recommendations. This document accompanies the project Blueprint, which is a more complete overview of all aspects of the project. It has been produced solely and independently by UTS.

Smart Liveable Neighbourhoods project, Lake Macquarie and City of Sydney
Smart Liveable Neighbourhoods_A report o

Smart Liveable Neighbourhoods: A report on the UTS TULIP program in Lake Macquarie and the City of Sydney


A comprehensive overview of the round 1 Smart Cities and Suburbs project delivered by UTS between 2017 and 2019

Smart sensing for climate responsive nei

Smart sensing for Climate Responsive Neighbourhoods


An introduction to smart sensor technologies and low-cost environmental monitoring and in cities. Ideal resource for local government. Includes case studies from Australia and around the world.

Technical documents
Smart Cities and Suburbs program bids